Winning the Lottery

If it is true that 10% of our population has a propensity to alcoholism and/or drug addiction then if you are one of the folks that happen to be in  treatment, or in a recovery environment then Congratulations – YOU HAVE WON THE LOTTERY!!!!

It goes like this – I live in Houston, Texas and within the Greater Houston area there is approximately 6,220,000 people, plus or minus a few undocumented folks, living and getting along in their lives. Ten percent of this number is 622,000. Wow, that is a lot of alcoholics and addicts running around. Lets try and think of it this way. If each possible alcoholic and drug addict spends just $20 bucks a day on their drinking and using, let me get out my calculator,  uummmm, ok, 622,000 x $20 = $1,244,000 each day!  Then, $1,244,000 x 7 days of the week = just $8,708,000. Finally, $8,708,000 x 52 weeks of the year. (No time off for weekends and holidays). =  $452,816,000 and no cents!!!! This is only a good number if we assume our alcoholic and junkie friends only spend $20 dollars a day. I can attest to personal experience that only spending $20 would just be a start of my day, when I was out there smoking crack, shooting dope and drinking whiskey.  Any good alky or druggie would just get upset at only having a twenty. When we spend $50 a day the amount is a mere $11,320,400,000. That is 11 billion, 320 million, and 4 hundred-thousand. Whew. That’s a truck load.

So, let me get back to winning the lottery. I’m living in a recovery residence here in Houston. It is a very nice, well furnished home with plenty of space, 8000 sf, to move around in. We have room for about 23-24 men who come to us, to regain or renew their sobriety. The house is considered to be a well structured environment, safe and secure, and which promotes recovery through the 12 step process.

I can absolutely say for a fact, that I did nothing to deserve such a wonderful existence. My history, if it be known, is that I deserved a 8 x12, with steel curtains and cement carpenting. I deserve to sleep with an itchy blanket on a green 3 inch prison mattress, with a nasty pillow to rest my head on. The toilet is not a stainless steel commode/sink/water faucet combo. I actually get to drink coffee that is not just instant with warm water and no sugar or cream.  I get to use a real knife and fork when sit down at the wooden  table in the dining room to eat my dinner.  I can go outside and look up any time I wish. I can see the stars at night and the clouds and sun in the day. I can smell the fresh cut grass and can pet the house dog, Dee Dee.

If 622,000 people around here have a problem with drugs and alcohol, then me just one man out of 622,000 others ending up with this life I have is truly like winning the lottery. When I open my eyes each morning I never fail to forget what it is I really deserve. If there were justice in the world and it got dealt out to me, it surly would not have put me here. I was given an abundance of grace and mercy. Thank God, I did not get what I deserved!!!