What We Really Have is a Daily Reprieve

The book Alcoholics Anonymous states; “What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition. Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of Gods will into all our activities”.  These two short sentences describe to me what it is to be recovered from addiction and alcoholism. Each day when I wake up I am given a new day to live. There were so many times in the past when waking up was just the beginning of one more nightmare, dreading every moment, struggling, fighting, despairing my very existence. Even the times ,in my past, when I had stopped drinking, sometimes for quite some time, I would still think and feel that I was doomed. There seemed to be no escape! I would go through my day either thinking about drinking and using, or thinking about how I was going to not drink and not use drugs. Today it takes some real thought to identify with my old self and I often wonder, when I recall events from my past; What was I thinking!

I certainly was not thinking of what God’s will for me was, nor was I doing anything to have a spiritual condition, much less maintain one. The only thing I maintained was my addiction, my alcoholism, and my dead and dying lifestyle. If you happen to be reading this short note, you are in recovery or seeking help. Thank God that I was able to live up until the day when my life change, my entire life!  If your life has not been what you think or believe is should be, I can assure you there are thousands of us, men and women, who were once lost, dying, and broken, with no hope, and with no more dreams, all around us, waiting for the opportunity to help and give support to those suffering, needlessly. THERE IS A WAY OUT!!!!