War against Addiction

I just watched a documentary about drugs and the war on drugs. (“Cocaine Unwrapped”) We will never win this war until every innocent soul has been lost, either,  to the grave, or from the darkening of hearts due to families being destroyed. The only way to win is to abandon this fight, the so called war on drugs, and start a war – against  drug addiction. We can make a dent in this new fight and watch it spread like wildfire. Through this, lives will be saved, lost souls will be found ,families will be reunited, and our society as a whole will prosper beyond belief. Through this over the years the war on drugs will be lost and forgotten. So I beg you, all of you, whoever sees someone struggling through the hardships of addiction, reach out and care for these people and help them through their struggles, and show them there is someone who cares. Because this is truly the answer to every problem our society faces today. Remember and keep in mind that you are just one tragedy from being in their same shoes. United we stand, divided we fall. There is so much truth and inspiration in that statement. I pray that today you recognize this and do your part.       Chris B.