“Success in Sobriety”

Key Elements of Sobriety

If sobriety is viewed as a successful recovery then it is likely to consist of the following key elements:

* Complete abstinence from harmful drug use and alcohol consumption in any form. 

* The individual will have developed effective strategies  for dealing with challenges in life.

* It involves living an ethical life where they try to not harm other people.

* Sobriety includes repairing old relationships and building new ones.

* Sobriety often involves an acceptance that some relationships have been damaged beyond repair. There is often plenty of damage  caused to personal relationships as a result of addiction. Not everyone will be willing to forgive and forget. 

* It is suggested that service in recovery is a key ingredient for achieving sobriety. It appears that helping others benefits both parties – in fact the giver often benefits more than the receiver.  Feeling useful is necessary for good self-esteem.

* Finding meaning in recovery is also considered another important factor for success.  New meaning can be found through spiritual pursuits, personal goals, new healthy relationships, or anything else that gives life a purpose.

* Developing a spiritual life does help many people find success in recovery.  Those people who are attracted to such pursuits  find that it gives their life real purpose and meaning.

* Participation within a fellowship of like minded individuals is a vital ingredient of sobriety.  They offer companionship and  support  and provide a program for spiritual growth.