Despite Loyalty

Despite Loyalty

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This hard-as-nails industrial duo emerged from the confusion and chaos of the teeming digital music scene with their titanic single, Blind Reflections. The single was received with raving excitement and an overwhelmingly positive response.

Despite Loyalty's self-titled debut EP out now!

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Leadman, Eric Smolinski -or “Deadboy” as he is known- joins after his last endeavor, industrial group DigitalSexSlave, saw him behind the guitar pouring out hard rhythms and melodic hooks; now Deadboy leads the charge as lead vocalist of Despite Loyalty.

Art Bertik most recently finished his collaborative project, Strangled by Strangulation. An homage to the often over-the-top imagery of death metal, the album is as extreme as its title. With tracks like Cupcake Massacre and Cut, Paste, Copy, Kill, never has the word “Inundation” been more appropriate.

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Following their debut single, Despite Loyalty quickly followed up with Ram It In, firmly planting their flag in the realm of metal-influenced dance music and establishing their own distinguishable style. Next for Despite Loyalty is the upcoming release of their debut EP and plans for a live show like you’ve never seen before.