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Recovery Unplugged


Recovery Unplugged™ Treatment Center is a rehab facility in Florida that specializes in a rehabilitation approach that is unique, long-lasting, and truly individualized. We combine traditional and cognitive behavioral rehabilitation approaches by using music as a catalyst to break down defenses to help facilitate, motivate and inspire the change necessary for long-term recovery and sobriety.


Clean Getaway All Stars

My name is Ricky Byrd and I am in long term recovery. As of Sept 25 2014 I have lived the past 27 years clean and sober…one day at a time.I’m also a musician. I wear the hats of a guitarist, producer, singer and songwriter.
In April of 2015 I was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside Joan Jett, Lee Crystal and Gary Ryan.
As well as playing with Joan and the Blackhearts (1981-1992), I have recorded and toured with Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Southside Johnny and many others.

As a songwriter, my job is to make people laugh, cry and think.
I’ve played my songs in the most intimate of rooms as well as to hundreds of thousands all over the world. I know the power of the word.

I have finally found a way to combine my music and my sobriety and it’s been a blessing. My Clean Getaway Music Unplugged groups started about eight months ago. I bring specifically written songs about recovery into various treatment and detox centers.

I tell my story and play my music…it quickly becomes our music.
Park Ave or park bench, young or old, man or woman…an addict is an addict, an alcoholic is an alcoholic. The specifics might be different, but after the first drink or drug all bets are off for the lot of us.

I see the faces as I sing…tears…smiles…thoughts. I am doing my job as a songwriter. They come into the room a bit beat up and leave a bit happier. It seems I have found my calling.

With all the success I have had in the music business, this brings me the most joy. I will keep leading music groups as long as my services are needed.

I am also Musical Director of “Clean Getaway All Stars.” A down and dirty, slammin’ R’n’R /Soul band made up of musicians you’ve all grown up listening to.

Our mission is to show people you can Rock and you can Roll and you can be clean and sober doin’ it!! Our goal is to come to your town…raise the roof and raise some money to help the still sick and suffering.

For a long time I was part of the problem….now I am proud to be part of the solution.