Sober Recreation & Events

The Sober Recreation Committee is dedicated to providing and promoting fun events for the recovering community in the Greater Houston Area. The “Power House” participates in the monthly softball tournaments.

In our new facility Activities Center, the men can enjoy playing a game of pool on our professional billiards table, play foosball and ping-pong, and enjoy a wide assortment of Wi-Fi games,on the large Wi-Fi enabled TV. Listen to their favorite music and and watch movies and videos via Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. Also the men have use of the multi-media station utilizing our resident computer, to check on their Facebook, e-mails, and access the web.

Other activities include attending a variety of local recovery related conventions , retreats and assemblies held throughout the Greater Houston area.

The “Power House” Alumni are very active with there support and inclusion of the residents.

“We all learn that a fun and active life, free from drugs and alcohol is very possible when we associate with like minded men, on the same path “.