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This site was started to bring encouragement and hope to the recovery community and to raise awareness about the help and support that is available. Whether you are a person in recovery, a person in active addiction, or know and love someone with an addiction, you have a place here.

Our Mission and Vision

1. To bring encouragement and support to the recovery community with testimonies and articles drawn from our own experiences. We believe there is strength when we uncover our pain and others can see they are truly not alone.

2. To be able to sponsor (within the next six months) and pay for one bed per month to a person who is in active addiction and does not have insurance or the financial resources to self-pay. I personally am a self paying former client of The Shores Treatment and Recovery in Port St. Lucie, Florida. As a single mom and entrepreneur I am really trusting God for this, so…what better way to see my own goals fulfilled than to help one of my fellows, right?

3. To speak publicly, either by myself or with a team from That Sober Life at events, churches, schools, or wherever God leads, to raise awareness about the existence of the recovery community, offering ways that businesses, leaders, organizations and regular people can help.

These are the initial goals and vision. We welcome any and all input from our readers. If you feel the tug to write for the site as well as becoming a speaker, that would be great! We have no idea how long it will take for us to grow to the point of speaking and holding regular events. We are leaving that in God’s hands and just working each day with what is in front of us.

Bottom line, we are just recovered addicts doing service work to help other addicts and this is just one small part of the big picture. With all of that, if you are interested in helping, just let us know. Articles are always welcome and should be sent to Anonymous articles are not accepted, just because we feel that goes against our main goal, which is to come out of the shadows and openly show the faces and voices of recovery. We are a light and we need to stand in that.