Back to Basics©

The goal of our structured recovery program is to provide residents a “personal experience” with each of the 12 Steps. This will  prepare them to take the 12 Steps with a sponsor and to eventually become a sponsor.  Becoming a sponsor and helping others recover will do more to insure long-term sobriety than anything else. Our residents practice living the 12-steps and learn to successfully apply the spiritual principles of recovery with-in their daily activities.

Our recovery program includes the nationally recognized Back to Basics©12-step presentation, which is supplemented with our own 12-step oriented workshops titled Beyond the Basics©, a more in-depth study of the text, Alcoholics Anonymous.


Back in the ’40s, when Bill W. and Dr. Bob first published AA’s Big Book, they encouraged their fellow alcoholics to speed through all 12 steps during their first 30 days of sobriety. “Most alcoholics don’t respond well to over-thinking,” Bill said. But finding a Higher Power, admitting all your flaws and apologizing to everyone you’ve hurt during your wasted past is often a painful process for even the most committed “Big Bookers,” who sometimes take months or years to complete the steps.

Dr. Bob & Bill Wilson

But in ensuing years, Bill W.’s basic prescription has fallen out of favor with the AA establishment. Indeed, it was practically forgotten until an Alcoholics Anonymous archivist named Wally P, who was writing a history of the AA Intergroup and Central offices in the 1940s, stumbled across notes that AA-er’s had taken at some early meetings.

“As I was writing that story, I kept running across the Beginners’ Meetings that were being conducted in the earliest days of AA,” he remembers. “I knew nothing about them, but I kept copies of those notes. And after I wrote the Intergroup book, those notes formed the basis of  “Back to Basics©”, which was published in 1997.”