Program Overview

The Power House encourages all men to initially commit to a minimum of thirty (30) days of residency in which to complete Level 1 of the Recovery Program. During the first 30 days the men will attend and complete the nationally recognized Back to Basics©” 12-step course, which is supplemented with our own 12-step oriented workshops titled “Beyond the Basics©”, a more in-depth study of the text, Alcoholics Anonymous. The men will also attend daily meetings of which include a variety of different formats which can be found on our  “Meetings”  page.

The recovery program for Power House residents is divided into four phases or levels. Each level is expected to take approximately 30 days. Residents complete a one-page checklist of activities applicable to each specific level. As residents progress from one level to the next, they are given more responsibility, independence and freedom to manage their own personal recovery program.

Level IV residents have earned the most independent living status available at the Power House Recovery Center and receive priority for occupying single-man rooms in The Loft, where there are 10 rooms available. They are also eligible for reductions in program fees should they choose to assist with the management of the property and operations of the recovery program.

“TRUST GOD, CLEAN HOUSE, HELP OTHERS” well summarizes the formula for success as outlined in the “Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous”. Our program is designed to provide men an opportunity to explore and experience all three of these components, which are believed to be necessary for a person to become an individual who has recovered.

"Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous"

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