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Addiction Unscripted is your space.  It’s yours to tell stories, read stories, chat, make small talk, ask questions, and, most importantly, CONNECT with one another.

From day one, our mission has been to connect people who traditionally feel disconnected. If nothing else, addiction fosters isolation and solitude, for both the addict as well as the non-addict who loves someone struggling with addiction. We feel alone, like we’re the only ones who’ve ever felt what we’re feeling, who’s ever thought what we’ve thought, who’s ever done what we’ve done. The guilt and shame involved causes addicts and their loved ones to withdraw from the rest of society out of a fear that other people simply won’t understand what it’s like. Our only response has been to detach from humanity.





I am a 45 year-old father, husband, son, brother, uncle and general worker bee. I have been sober for four-and-a-half years.  I am not a champion for recovery in any way, but merely an example of what recovery can do to change someone and their outlook on life.

I write, I run, I step on LEGO a lot. I have been active in recovery, which includes writing a blog called Message In A Bottle, which ran for over two years, and is still up for casual viewing.  You’ll find me online a lot, here and here. I am a seeker and look to all venues to bring more enlightenment to myself and to try and help others. I am not perfect. I scowl sometimes. I get down. I am as honest as I can get so I can find the light. Or have it find me.

I live in Canadaland with two young boys and a wife who somehow stuck with me through it all. Life is groovy.   

Buzzkill is about life, through the eyes of recovery.  I don’t take myself too seriously, so I inject a bit of humour in there and try to look at things from different perspectives. I come from a 12-step program, but I don’t couch all things through that lens. Recovery comes in many forms, and I am open to, and respect all, forms of sobriety.  We all have our paths to trudge. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and look at life in a more holistic way.  It all sounds dreamy and hippy-ish, but it’s all about the simple things in life – love, forgiveness, hope, humility and all the other spiritual principles that help me throughout the day.





 “Shunning stereotypes and shattering stigma of being in recovery from alcohol and other drugs”.

Chris, a person in recovery from alcohol and drugs since 1997, knows firsthand that it may be simple, but it’s not always easy. With that in mind, he founded KLĒN +  SŌBR in 2014 with a mission of simply supporting those persons who have found recovery but are looking for a supplement to whatever organization or program got them there.

Mission – To help persons in recovery from alcohol and other drugs stay in recovery.


When I had my “moments of clarity” in the spring of 1997 and concocted my plan to get sober (See my recovery story for how I got clean that spring) I was fortunate enough to have a family willing to support me in my plan. So, while it might be incorrect to say I did it on my own, in terms of using any sort of professional, organizational or institutional assistance—I did. It’s not for everyone but thankfully it worked for me. The challenge with this I hadn’t foreseen is that I’ve spent the bulk of my recovery without any real support system. 



Transformation is Real  – Daniel Mauer


One of the joys of writing is continuing the conversation with others who not only want to hear my story but share their own stories of transformation. The blog Transformation is Real serves as host for other writers and has provided me with contacts to speak publicly, sharing that real transformation is available within the grasp of anyone. I have a busy speaking schedule, but I would love to speak at your event. Email me. I read it all.



natlogo natalie


My desire is to inspire, encourage and enlighten those in recovery or on their way to sobriety to live a life of peace and serenity. Proud to be sober since May 8th, 2008.

You can’t start the new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

One of the most difficult things about getting sober is that we have to meet ourselves at one of the ugliest stages of our lives.  Even if we are sober for just a day, we have to deal with all the shame, pain, guilt, remorse, humility regret and embarrassment from our past; a past that we drank years to forget. 

 For almost 15 years alcohol made me the person I wanted to be; sociable, extroverted, pretty, hilarious, confident, sexy, smart and fearless.  Eventually I looked at the bottom of the bottle and I couldn’t find any of it, only the exact opposite; I was narcissistic, egotistical, selfish, crass, anxious, depressed, fat, bitchy, impatient and extremely irritable.  But I kept drinking more just waiting for the original effects to kick back in and it just didn’t happen.  My sidekick for all those years had turned on me and I had no back up.  I was actually on the brink of suicide when something very profound happened.  I can’t show it to you, I can’t give it a name for there are no words powerful enough to live up to it.  It was in this moment that I had realized just how small I am but yet strong enough to get through anything  …. READ MORE (click here)



Kip Shubert’s blog –  Serenity Road

Serenity Road Bridge


When you take your first step in recovery you begin down Serenity Road. The journey is unique, challenging and can be difficult. We are here to provide support, guidance and inspiration in recovery.  To provide a peace in the midst of the storm. Whether your recovery is from addiction, abuse, mental illness, or life’s hardships you can and will recover. Surround yourself with the right people, keep your heart and love yourself, and trust in God and you will win! You have the key to unlock your journey down Serenity Road.

I am Kip Shubert and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic. 48 year old father of 4 wonderful children and long time educator and coach. Sharing my experience, strength and hope to help others recover and avoid the destructive paths I chose. Addiction cost me almost everything. I went from a seemingly nice, comfortable life to being homeless, no vehicle, loss of my kids, wrecked finances, hurt and angry family, and ended up with only the clothes in my suitcase. On my third day in rehab I had a moment with God and my recovery began. Each journey of recovery is unique and it is my belief that success depends upon the following: surround yourself with the right people, learn to love yourself and keep your heart, and a growing relationship and trust in God – my higher power! I would love to be able to share more with you or speak to your group, organization or school. Contact me and lets journey down Serenity Road together!