Transformation is Real

Daniel Mauer – Freelance Writer

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I write for Sparkhouse, the ecumenical division and outreach of Augsburg Fortress, producing material for Whirl, the exciting new lectionary based curriculum. I am currently also writing forAmicus, a publisher that produces cutting edge educational books for children. I have articles published in The Word in SeasonCongregationsa publication by the Alban Institute; The Nature Conservancy, and; Alive Now by The Upper Room. I have also edited a 365-Day Bible Study for a freelance writer and have served as a ghostwriter for a professional chef based out of Chicago.

Dynamic Speaker and Recovery Advocate

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One of the joys of writing is continuing the conversation with others who not only want to hear my story, but share their own stories of transformation. The blog Transformation is Real serves as host for other writers and has provided me with contacts to speak publicly, sharing that real transformation is available within the grasp of anyone. I have a busy speaking schedule, but I would love to speak at your event. Email me. I read it all.