Random Acts

7 Easy Random Acts of Kindness from Joy Anderson


Random Acts of Kindness are an very easy way to lift someone up and subsequently make yourself feel good.  Here are some of favorites that you can go out and do right now!  You can start these while you’re still in a treatment program and continue the rest of your life making people feel good.

  1. SMILE! In a world where there is so much negativity, comparison and judgement, don’t forget to smile!  It’s simple – just smile.  Smile when you think there’s nothing to smile about and you’ll instantly think of something to be smiling about. Better yet, smile directly at someone – on purpose.  Make eye contact and smile the most genuine smile you’ve ever smiled, or a goofy smile . You might be surprised that you get a smile back or crack them up  – now who couldn’t use a good laugh.  Now, doesn’t that feel good!? You’re smiling right now aren’t you?

  1. Say Something Nice! “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” so why not say something nice.  Words are our most powerful tools as human beings.  We can make or break someone’s entire day with a word. Compliments come in handy – lay a massive compliment on somebody that doesn’t see it coming and see what happens.  You’ll leave them feeling good and guess what?  You’ll feel pretty good too.

  1. Let someone go in line ahead of you – this is great in the store line where there aren’t enough checkouts open to accommodate customers.  Got a spare minute?  Even if you don’t let the person behind you go ahead – in fact, find the most aggravated person in line and give them your spot.  Some may say you are rewarding their crappy attitude but with a Random Act of Kindness, you just might be the one to turn their day around and send them on their way with a memorable moment in their day.

  1. Leave a note on someone’s car with a kind message like – “You are important.” or “Hope you are having a nice day.”  The simplest message can make someone smile and feel good  – just think, if everyone did this more often, the positive feelings that would be generated would be quite noticeable. Just by making someone feel good for a split second, you could affect their whole day.  

We just don’t realize what a huge impact our word and actions have on others – why not use them for a positive outcome.

  1.  One of of my all time favorites;  put your spare change in a ready to expire parking meter – preferably right in front of the guy writing tickets – you’ll save that stranger a potentially costly ticket and you might even make the ticket guy chuckle.  And don’t let them tell you what you are doing is illegal – it’s not.  You just go right ahead and push those coins into that meter.

  1. Tell someone you appreciate them for whatever it is that they do in your world.  Whether it’s the bus driver, the checkout gal at the grocery store, or maybe the customer service person on the other end of the phone – tell them that you appreciate what they do.  We all know what it’s like to be taken advantage of and unappreciated.  Fight that with your own appreciation to someone who probably doesn’t get to hear it much.Studies show that being grateful leads to happiness!

  1.  Talk to strangers! People are only strangers until you talk to them.  We live in a guarded society where the guy sitting next to you might be the next big serial killer – and he might well be!  But if you say “Good Morning!” he might cross you off his list because you noticed him.

An important consideration when you’re out doing your kind bidding is that truly altruistic acts go without publicity, meaning you don’t go around bragging to everyone how kind you were today. That defeats the purpose.  Just keep what you did inside – a gift to yourself by giving to another. It works I promise – try it!  These seemingly small acts add up – you’ll be like a super secret do-gooder.