Taking his last drink during the first few weeks of November 1994, Kenneth J. Laney began his “Journey Back” from his merciless alcoholism and drug addiction on November 17th, 1994. The previous 3 years he had found himself floundering on his attempts at “staying sober”.

In an article published in the magazine, Today’s CPA,   titled – “One Man’s Journey Back”, Ken recalls;

“I was so sure that if I worked hard enough, I’d be successful and if I was successful enough, everyone would be happy”.

He then goes on to explain.

“The second year of law school, I finally crashed.”  And so did his marriage!

Ken recounts,

“I was disillusioned, and had been using work to avoid dealing with issues I didn’t want to face. So I took some time off.”

Ken describes the times that followed as being “the worst years.” His memories of that time are torturous. Having reached the point at which he couldn’t go three days without getting loaded. in the mirror, he saw a divorced dropout from law school and a professional life.

Ken then states,

“For the first time in my life, I was beaten, I made countless decisions to quit forever…then I came to accept that quitting was impossible for me. It would take a miracle for me to recover.”

That miracle did happen and much, much more. For the last 21 years Ken has remained free from drugs and alcohol. During his interview he claims,

“I have finally become, for the most part, the person I always wanted to be. As long as I stay close to God and try to do his work, the thought of drinking never seems to enter my mind.”

From drunk and homeless, in debt $50,000, divorced, riding the bus, with broken front teeth, Ken once more stopped drinking but this time something was different, very different!

On the first day of his recovery he did something that changed everything!

He wrote down 3 names on a 3×5 index card and the rest is history.


The following links are to his talks, first at the HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL  and then at the OUTPOST CLUB in Ingram, Texas in the Hill Country.

hong kong

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