Matthew C

Before coming to the “Power House” I had very limited experience with any recovery program. I was on an all time low and knew I would have to do something about it.  I had already been to jail a few times and a trip to the hospital for respiratory failure due to acute alcohol poisoning.  After this I knew that to drink again would mean certain death. I had attempted to stop drinking countless times before, one of which lasted just a few weeks.
With the relationship with my family almost completely destroyed I made the decision, with their support, to accept help. After arriving  at the “Power House”, I learned some things about A.A. and how it has worked in the lives of other men. I recall asking myself if this would work for me. For it to work, I would have to give myself to new ideas and be open-minded to the principles of the program of recovery.
Working the 12-steps has provided me with a much clearer view of who and what I am. I have learned what  it is to have a fit spiritual condition and how it solves my problems, of which, in the past seemed impossible to overcome.I have constantly been improving my attitude and well being. After being at the “Power House” for 3 months, I have returned to work and will continue to finish my college education. My family is amazed at how much I have changed and so am I!
The Power House Recovery Center provide a great and comfortable environment for recovery. Residents care greatly for each other, and we are able to connect on many levels because of our similar experiences that we have been through. I have met some really great people, all of us,with a common goal. The “Power House” and “Alcoholics Anonymous”, has taught me, this  is not the end, but a new beginning of a happy and healthier life.   Matt C.