Justin K. – Alumni

It’s never a great moment in one’s life to admit defeat. After 3 years of white knuckling a disease that was doing push ups in the parking lot, I finally hit my bottom.  My life burnt down to the ground after one night of heavy drinking. To say that I was scared of myself would be an understatement. I could not imagine life with alcohol, and I couldn’t imagine without it. I had no place to go, homeless, helpless, and afraid. Some say that is the best place to be because you are teachable at that point.

Let’s face it, the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is the textbook of recovery, and the PHRC staff does a remarkable job of presenting the information to all the residents. At the PowerHouse you are encouraged to work in groups, participate in the various meeting. We are taught and shown how to take a leadership role in the house structure, meeting, and doing all the things that will benefit you in recovery on the outside.

This place is not boot camp, but it does hold you accountable for your recovery. To the extent that you want to recover is obviously up to you. I did choose to take advantage of everything offered at the PowerHouse.  For me, this disease is life or death, and recovery/sobriety is a design for living. The staff did a wonderful job of giving tips, experience, and suggestions.

In just 6 months, a great number of the promises in the Big Book have slowly shown up into my life, and the Power House Recovery Center has had a great hand in those promises coming true.

I am grateful to the staff for their kindness, and compassion for me with my situation. I highly recommend this place for anybody serious about recovery and wanting to live a sober life.

Justin K