Joel J. – My Recovery Home

After years of hopping from sober house to sober house I am happy to call the “Power House” my Recovery Home. The “Power House” has provided me with just the right amount of structure, support, direction, and care. Their plan of action, when it comes to teaching me the program of recovery and showing me how to work with the tools of sobriety, is phenomenal. I have gained a whole new perspective about alcoholism and drug addiction, which I am proud to say stems directly from the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous.
      There is always someone available, 24 hours a day, within arms reach if I am ever having a rough day. The access to the Recovery Staff at the Power House is extremely crucial for someone like myself in the early stages of sobriety. The Power House Recovery Center also works with their residents in the planning of making the transition into more independent living circumstances. They allow me to grow  and attain a solid foundation so that I will have what is required when I graduate into a sustainable and  sober lifestyle.   I am so ecstatic to be a member of the  recovered community and brotherhood that I call home – The Power House Recovery Center.  Thanks,  Joel J.