Friends of the “Power House”

The Wheelhouse Inc.

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Transforming Men’s Lives

The Wheelhouse is located in Deer Park, Texas. It is a bare bones living environment that offers help to alcohol addicted men. It’s known as the “last house on the block” because it is often the man’s last chance before he becomes homeless.
The Wheelhouse offers a two-phase program that has an exceptionally high success rate.

One reason The Wheelhouse is so successful is because those who have been helped return to help new residents. This circle of receiving help then returning to help others is a proven way to continually empower all involved and to address life’s problems without returning to substance use/abuse.


The Men’s Center 

The Men's Center

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The Men’s Center is a recovery program which follows the 12-Step model of Alcoholics Anonymous and provides housing for predominately homeless men, as well as non-medical alcohol detox and drug rehabilitation.

  • We furnish on-site housing, meals, and job assistance to men recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We are an affordable and safe alternative for those who wish to re-enter society as productive members.

  • Being productive by obtaining employment, if able, or by volunteering in our or other charitable programs, and by paying rent are the foundation of our program. This sets us apart from other rehabilitation programs and is key to recovery.

  • We also provide continuing support for recovering men and women through open Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

  • The Men’s Center has been in operation since 1950 and was incorporated in the state of Texas as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1958.

  • The Men’s Center is conveniently located near downtown Houston on the Main Street public transportation corridor.


Extended Aftercare Inc.

Extended Aftercare, Inc.

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For over 25 years, Extended Aftercare, Inc. (EAI), has offered Long Term Residential Treatment for Men who are ready to join, “The Sober Fraternity of Recovery”. From the uncertainties facing those new to recovery, to the support provided years after treatment – count on Extended Aftercare, Inc. to be here with you through every phase.


Road to Recovery

Road To Recovery Texas

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The Road To Recovery Transitional Living Center is committed to providing cost effective, community centered, physical and emotional safety and growth for chemically dependent individuals and their families.


The House of Extra Measures

Men’s Addiction Recovery Houses

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The Houses of Extra Measures offer a structured, supportive and safe 12-step inspired peer community for adult men who are determined to maintain abstinence and develop a recovery oriented lifestyle. Our homes bridge the delicate gap between inpatient treatment and independent living. A typical weekday consists of morning meditation, individual daily activities including work and a 12-step meeting, a resident prepared dinner and wrap up at 9:45pm. Our on-site staff offers recovery coaching to help residents as they work toward attaining realistic and meaningful recovery goals. While there is no minimum length of stay, we encourage residents to achieve the goals of completing the 12 steps and developing a solid foundation consisting of self-respect, self-esteem, self-efficacy and healthy, supportive friendships.



Northside 24 Hour Club

The Northside 24 Hour Club is a nonprofit, 501C3 organization chartered to provide resources for the treatment of alcohol addiction. The Club was formed to provide facilities for alcoholics and addicts to meet in fellowship and service for the purpose of attaining and sustaining sobriety. To this end, the Club provides a meeting place for members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and for Al-anon, Ala-teen, and any other groups directly affiliated with AA. The club maintains residential facilities for male alcoholics and addicts who have a desire to recover. The facilities are designed to provide the support and structure for men from any social or ethnic background, without regard to their economic circumstances, to re-create his life and become a sober, contributing member of society. For more than thirty years, The Northside 24 Hour Club has been providing resources to help people in the community help themselves.