Eddie M.

      Like others, I’ve had several experiences in state-mandated rehab and sober living facilities. For the last three years, I’ve considered myself to be serious about my recovery and have still had numerous relapses in that time. No different from other relapses, I sought out rescue from the misery and hopelessness of my addiction. A senior resident of the Power House was able to contact me through social media and help me secure a place.
      Aside from the comforts of this facility, their program of recovery is what has served me the best. It isn’t new and it isn’t radical-; it’s simple and direct. The Back to Basics and Beyond the Basics programs that we follow here come directly from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It instills the basic and most important aspects of recovery without the clutter of opinions or individual ideas that often confuse and misdirect newcomers. It presents a bottom line that I’ve come to accept and it has allowed me to make much more progress spiritually and psychologically than the methods of past facilities. The choice was simple and the path is all inclusive. 
      The facility is operated by recovering alcoholics who actively listen, understand and offer relevant experience – to help guide us through the turmoil of newfound sobriety. Our environment is such that I no longer feel obligated to comply; no belligerence or contempt for authority. The biggest change in me is that I have found a desire to work the program and not a day has gone by without the opportunity to work against my character defects. My gratitude for this program pushes me to pay it forward.
                  Thank you,  Eddie M.