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Mission Reach Out Recovery is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to Addiction Education, Prevention, and Recovery founded in March 2011

With its healthy living website, documentaries, and education programs to empower teens, ROR reaches an underserved audience of 120 million adults and children whose lives have been impacted by addiction.  is the first nonprofit website to bring together daily news relevant to recovery issues, resources for parents and teens, and information about community and treatment resources. The website includes original bloggers, as well as Google map assisted 12-step meeting locator.

In its first six months had over 80,000 visitors from 5000 cities and 52 countries. After only nine months of operation, GOOGLE 24th among the top 55 recovery sites. ROR online is celebrated its first birthday in the fall of 2014 with American Public Television distribution of its first ROR funded documentary, “The Silent Majority,” presented by PBS station WEDU.


REACH OUT RECOVERY was founded by Leslie Glass and her daughter Lindsey Glass who saw a need for a media nonprofit with a priority of addiction prevention, recovery, and healthy living, subjects close to their own hearts. They knew there was a audience for a website that combines healthy living tips, news articles related to addiction prevention and recovery, the latest research, resources for families, as well as a wide variety of original bloggers, a community for people to stay in touch, and an easy-to-use 12-step meeting locator.

Leslie Glass is the author of 15 novels including 9 NYTimes and USA Today bestselling crime novels featuring NYPD April Woo. She is a playwright, journalist and the Producer/Director of “The Secret World of Recovery” the WEDU/ American Public Television Special “The Silent Majority. ” Leslie is the President/CEO of ROR, a frequent contributor, and a passionate recovery advocate.

Lindsey Glass grew up in Manhattan and received her BA from Johns Hopkins University then received her MA from New York University in Communications, Technology and Management. Lindsey is co producer of the Glass documentary, “The Secret World of Recovery,” and is co producer and host of “The Silent Majority.” She is also an independent producer of short documentaries and videos. Lindsey lives in New York and works for