AlcoholicShare, Inc. with use of all the popular Social Media forums and platforms on the internet today will deliver it’s message of education and create definitive awareness to the general public regarding the social problem of alcoholism and act as an advocate for education, awareness, caution, socially conscious awareness and focused information that alcoholics to be recognized as individuals with a fatal deadly disease who are in need of help and concern by the general public and should not be looked upon as a sub-group of society that simply has no-will power to put down a drink. Alcoholism is a disease that affect s almost 20 million Americans and for each active alcoholic 4 other family members are also affected that translates into 100 million people in America suffering from alcoholism as anyone will learn in AA or any informed psychiatrist, psychologist or academic on the topic of alcoholism will state that alcoholism is a family disease. AlcoholicShare, Inc. considers it to be it’s main mission to get to information about alcoholism out to all who will listen, and wish to be informed, as alcoholism needs to come out of the shadows and into the main-stream social discussion through education, awareness, avocation on all the large popular Social Media internet networks which millions of people log on to everyday.