Alcoholism defined

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ALCOHOLISM as described by Doctor Silkworth and Bill Wilson.

These word are taken from just the first few chapter in the book, “Alcoholics Anonymous” – “The Doctor’s Opinion” and “Bill’s Story:

The words define the characteristics and attributes of the what we know as alcoholism.

Powerless, unmanageable, insanity, suffering, hopeless, abnormal, defective, befogged, sickened, tortured, jittery, chronic, habit, tragic, despairing, restless, irritable, discontented, remorseful, doomed, psychopath, emotional, unstable, unwilling, manic-depressive, pathological, deterioration, lost, no hope, trembling, nervous, wreck, desperate, lunacy, remonstrances, unhappy, serious, infidelity, extreme, drunkenness, fever, skepticism, wobbled, disgusted, exhausted.

Unwelcome, necessity, endlessly, shaking, violent, bender, through, no fight, crazy, appalling, remorse, unforgettable, uncontrollably, impending,calamity, collapse, writhing, stilled, hell, hard, kill, fog, oblivion, endured, agony, slender, terror, madness.

Swayed, dizzily, poison, cursing, weakling, escape, hellish, feared, under, selfish, foolish, seriously, ill, weakened, incredible, desperate, frightful, declining, finish, curtains, weary, end, heart failure, wet brain, delirium tremens, undertaker, asylum.

Devastating plunge, dark, obstacles, cornered, endless, sots, poor, over, loneliness, bitter, morass, self-pity, quicksand, match, overwhelmed, master, trembling, broken, fear, insidious, insanity, resigned, shut up, stumble, miserable, end, dark, last.

Debauch, bleak, concealed, unmindful, aghast, shocked, irritated, snapped, conceded, sick, doubted, grim, jest, devil, boss, failed, incurable, defect, scrap, heap, dead.

None, floored, impossible, musty, vestiges, intensified, resisted, hit, icy, shadow,blotted, clamors, blind, destruction, self-centeredness, trials, low spots, die, dead, plagued, self-pity, resentment, despair, pressure, difficulty, impossible, feudal, bitterness, trouble, misery, unlovely, creature, struggles.

Strenuous, tragic, suicide, shocked, deadly, perish!!!!!!!

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