Addiction and Passion

Expressions are a variety of short verses and entries by the men of the Power House……….

The two are in fact very different. While we may jokingly describe being addicted to something or someone that we are passionate about. True addiction is neither desirable nor pleasurable. No person really wants to be addicted and only a few ever imagined that their lives would end up in a destructive cycle of feeding their addiction. Psychologically and physiologically dependent on something they can no longer control.

Passion represents something we can all strive for, a measure of our delight and enthusiasm.   When we are passionate it gives us excitement and fulfillment and leaves us feeling satisfied. How ever passion is something many of us lost long ago in our addiction. It became more difficult to make a distinction between passion and addiction, as one had taken over the other.

So, today I will reflect on my passions and encourage everyone to ask themselves – What it is your true passion