A Man

A Man carries cash.

A Man looks out for those around him -woman, friend, or stranger.

A Man can always find the good in any situation.

A Man rebuilds – engines, watches, and fortunes.

A Man passes along his expertise, one man to the next.

He knows how to survive, and makes sure others survive him – This is immortality.

It doesn’t matter to him what position or title, or job he has, for he does not like it, he will get a new one.

A Man can look at you and figure things out before a spoken word is said.

A Man owns up, a man grasps his mistakes.

He lays claim to who he is what he was whether he like’s them or not.

A man looks out for children.

A man knows his tools and how to use them.

A Man knows how to lose an afternoon, but he also knows how to lose a month.

A Man is like a zoo animal – both captive and free.

A Man can be remembered through time because of his belief.

Any moment  could be his last.

Nothing is as beautiful as it right now.

This is the difference between God and Man.

We have immortality inside us all – it lives in our deeds!