Klean Radio Network

KLEAN Radio Show is hosted by Klean Treatment Center CEO, Andrew Spanswick and Pat O’Brien. The radio show broadcasts every Sunday night from 6 – 7pm out of KABC Studios in Los Angeles on Talk Radio KABC 790. Topics include addiction, recovery, mental health and lifestyle with an interesting mix of sober celebrities, sober comedians, and treatment experts. KLEAN Radio discusses the latest news in recovery as well as cutting edge treatment modalities. Andrew and Pat have a provocative and insightful take on the many facets of this paramount issue that is claiming so many lives and careers today.

pat_obrienPat O’Brien is an American television and radio personality, known for his hosting gigs on Access Hollywood, The Insider, and as a sportscaster for CBS Sports. In his personal life, Pat O’Brien had a very public fall from grace and subsequent recovery, which he has been very open about sharing. An addict and alcoholic since the 1960s, Pat has been in recovery for years.